"We had a limited budget, but STS got us a vastly improved system with a combination of card systems, software and cameras. They provided a variety of options and practical solutions, and even repaired parts of our existing system that had been maintained poorly over the years. They are the go-to resource for property management in Chicago."
Linda Brace
Vice President - Real Estate Development
Mercy Housing

"I am impressed with STS and their knowledge of electronic security and their vision of the latest surveillance technology. Their work with some of the most prominent buildings in Chicago demonstrates their commitment to professional security. STS's forensic and evidentiary material and testimony helped convict a defendant who shot a Chicago Police Officer in 2009. STS is a true friend of law enforcement."
Dr. Ronald A. Rufo
Department of Police
City of Chicago

"STS designed, installed and maintained a surveillance system that was key to a successful prosecution of a remorseless gang member. The superb quality of the STS video clearly showed the entire crime with frame-by-frame captures that allowed the jury to experience the crime as it happened. Their command and knowledge of security is clear, and this office is thankful for their ongoing support."
Eric Leafblad
Assistant State's Attorney
Office of the State's Attorney
Cook County, Illinois