Services We Provide

STS has a wealth of experience in managing advanced system integration for projects of various scales, offering engineering and technical services. We provide end-to-end solutions and technical support services to meet demands, from structure cabling systems, LAN/WAN, internet working platforms to wireless systems, and from the design of systems, supply of equipment, installation, and maintenance to service upgrades.

Security Audit

STS professional security audits provide a comprehensive review of all your current security cameras and locking and safety systems. We also include visibility review to ensure all lighting, blind spots and key areas are in full view. We integrate this audit into each company's unique environment to work with their daily routine of people and process for deliveries, inventory control and other variables.

STS Integrated Security Systems

STS Integrated Security Systems combine multilayered security features and intrusion detection to improve your overall security. We automate the communications across all cameras, fire and life safety, burglar alarm, access control, monitoring and intercom systems to ensure the optimal security conditions.

Video Intercom and Access Control

STS partners with Swiftlane to offer a modern audio and video intercom system for multifamily residential and commercial buildings. Swiftlane is a complete common area security solution with integrated access control via mobile app and face recognition unlock.

Learn more about the video intercom and access control solutions that STS offers.

Monitoring and Maintenance

STS ensures your ongoing safety by providing 24/7 live monitoring of your system. Certified and trained staff at our UL approved Security Central Station monitor your system.

Our maintenance programs give you the peace of mind that if there is ever any problems with any of your equipment, STS will be there to repair or replace them with no additional costs to you for parts or labor.